Organizational anti-pattern

Thursday, June 23, 2011 Posted by Siva
  •     Analysis paralysis: Devoting disproportionate effort to the analysis phase of a project
  •     Cash cow: A profitable legacy product that often leads to complacency about new products
  •     Design by committee: The result of having many contributors to a design, but no unifying vision
  •     Escalation of commitment: Failing to revoke a decision when it proves wrong
  •     Management by perkele: Authoritarian style of management with no tolerance of dissent
  •     Matrix Management: Unfocused organizational structure that results in divided loyalties and lack of direction
  •     Moral hazard: Insulating a decision-maker from the consequences of his or her decision
  •     Mushroom management: Keeping employees uninformed and misinformed (kept in the dark and fed manure), let to stew, and finally canned.
  •     Stovepipe or Silos: A structure that supports mostly up-down flow of data but inhibits cross organizational communication
  •     Vendor lock-in: Making a system excessively dependent on an externally supplied component
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