Social network analysis

Friday, March 19, 2010 Posted by Siva
When I heard the term 'Social network analysis' for the first time, I felt it must be something related to analysis on networking sites like twitter or facebook. But after I spent sometime on it, I started feeling that it is not just analysis on social networks but far beyond that.

You can represent any data in a network (Graph theory network) if it has got nodes and connections between them. You can do whole lot of analysis & derive useful inferences from it. For example, given a social network from twitter, you can easily find out who is the most influence person in that particular network. We can think of many applications in this line.

There are so many opensource tools available just for this analysis and visualiation. In Windows world you can use NodeXL plugin to have nice network visualization and analysis in your Microsoft Excel itself. It is free!

Download NodeXL and connect to twitter and visualize your network. Have fun!