Growing your business among competition

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Posted by Siva
I have developed few business ideas & couldn't implement them because of personal reasons. I put them on hold. To my surprise, in a period of very short time, I could see them implemented by someone else.

I was thinking about it for some time and felt that we cannot really curb the competition. It is true that we cannot kill the competition. It is the time of entrepreneurship & everyone is competing to fill the holes in the system we have.

Then, how do we survive if another business' offering is same as ours? Think about the value you deliver. It is not the traditional product / service you offer but the value you deliver to your customers. Innovation lies there. It could be a subtle change but good enough to create a magic.

Sometime back I read this article in DARE site, How to zig when others zag. I found this interesting.